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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Pediatric Dentistry

Here at Three Little Birds Pediatric Dentistry, prevention of oral disease is the number one goal for our patients. We are aligned with the oral health policies adopted by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD). We recommend that all children should establish a dental home no later than 1 year of age. Prevention of oral disease has been proven to cost less both short- and long-term, cause less pain, and create healthier and happier patients. Take a look at some of our preventative services!

AAPD Definition of Dental Home & Policy on the Dental Home

Preventative Dentistry Services

Comprehensive Dental Exam

Prevention starts with a thorough and comprehensive review of your child’s medical and dental history. Of course our focus is teeth, but looking far beyond the smile can clue us into many other aspects of your child’s health.

Prophylaxis & Oral Hygiene Instructions

A dental prophylaxis or “teeth cleaning” is an effective way of removing bacteria, food, plaque, and tarter from the teeth and gums. We offer a variety of amazing toothpaste flavors, even for patients with allergies and sensitivities. The most important part of the cleaning is the patient education and discussion about the home prevention plan with care providers.

Fluoride Treatment

Professionally applied fluoride is known to be one of the best preventative tools we have in dentistry. Regular applications can significantly reduce cavity risk and help remineralize weakened teeth. We offer a variety of flavors to make applications as pleasant as possible for your child. 

AAPD Policy on Use of Fluoride & Best Practices: Fluoride Therapy

Comprehensive Dental Exam

In the battle against cavities, we can help the biting surfaces of molars by placing dental sealants. Also recognized as one of the most effective tools in cavity prevention, our BPA-free sealants can help smooth out and eliminate rough pits and fissures found on the biting surfaces of molars.

Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for Use of Pit-and-Fissure Sealants

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

What do chips, crackers, cookies, candy, citrus fruits, and carbonated beverages all have in common? The answer is not “they all start with a letter C.” Come in to have a thoughtful and honest discussion about healthy eating and snacking. There’s more to cavities than just avoiding candy and juice!

AAPD Policy on Dietary Recommendations

Athletic Mouthguards

We promote physical activity to boost physical, mental, and emotional health of our patients. With active student athletes, we go the extra mile in providing guidance and tools to protect those permanent, adult teeth. Remember, there is no third set of teeth!

AAPD Policy on Prevention of Sports-Related Injuries