3 Little Birds Pediatric Dentistry

Three Little Birds Pediatric Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Pediatric Dentistry

Restorative dental procedures restore health, form, and function of the oral cavity. Treatment can range from small fillings, caps that cover the whole tooth, or even the removal of teeth to restore health of surrounding structures and alleviate pain. Teeth unfortunately cannot heal themselves and require some TLC when cavities grow to a certain size. Come in to discuss restorative options and let us help your child avoid sleepless nights, missing school, or unplanned trips to the emergency room due to facial swelling. We will make sure your child gets treated in a timely fashion.

AAPD Best Practices Guidelines: Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Services

Tooth-Colored Filling

At our office, we say no to amalgam (silver) fillings because we utilize modern dental materials. Innovative tooth-colored filling materials like composite resins and glass ionomers provide great options to restore health, form, function, and esthetics. 

Tooth-Colored Crown

Front teeth do a lot for your child – they help cut through food, they assist in the development and delivery of speech, and most importantly they help maintain beautiful smiles and self-confidence. We offer esthetic tooth-colored crowns for your child’s smile zone.


Silver Crown

Stainless steel (silver) crowns continue to reign as the premier restorative option for primary molars. Tried and true through many decades, our office will lean on the “gold standard” of restoring larger, multi-surface cavities in the primary molars with silver crowns because they offer the ultimate restoration of health, form, and function.


Delayed treatment, rapidly progressing cavities, or large gaps in dental monitoring can lead to decay that ends up in the nerve. Pulpotomy treatment is sometimes referred to a “baby root canal” because it can help explain the removal of infected nerve tissue deep inside the tooth. Do not fear! These are nothing like the root canals mommy and daddy talk about.

Dental Extraction

A tooth that goes from fixable to unrestorable will likely require the removal of the tooth. Dental extractions at our office are painless, gentle, and comfortable for your child. Our goal is to help avoid further damage to surrounding structures, infection, swelling, or even worse outcomes.